A Handbook of Heresies

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A Classic Manual


Author: M. L. Cozens

This most concise and helpful reference work was first published in 1928. It is presented by Loreto again in 2016 because we feel it will be very useful since so many of these heresies are once again rearing their ugly heads in these most troubling times. Therefore, we must be not only quick to recognize their manifestation in the era in which we live, but we should also be capable of the refutation of these death-dealing errors for those who would look to faithful Catholics for guidance.

Not only does the author explain and state clearly the errors but he does three other things that are most helpful to the reader: 1) he describes how and why the heresy arose, and 2) he shows the true teachings in opposition, and 3) he draws out the logical conclusions and implications for thought and behavior that flow from the acceptance of the error. This is a great teaching tool for high schools, colleges and seminaries, or adult study groups.

Paperback, 119 Pages, 7 x 5.2 x 0.4 inches, 2016