Pope John Paul II

Ad Tuendam Fidem On Insertion Of Norms Into Canon Law

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Apostolic Leter Motu Proprio of Pope John Paul II By Which Certain Norms Are Inserted into the Code of Canon Law and into the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches


Author: Pope John Paul II

"To protect the Faith of the Catholic Church against errors arising from certain members of the Christian faithful, especially from those dedicated to various disciplines of sacred theology, we, whose principal duty is to confirm the brethren in the faith (Lk 22:32), consider it absolutely necessary to add to the existing texts of the Code of Canon Law adn the Code of Canons of hte Eastern Churches new norms which expressly impose the obligation of upholding truths proposed in a definitive way by the Magisterium of hte Church, adn which also establish related canonical sanctions." - From the Introduction

Paperback, 1998, 29 Pages, 5 x 7.25 inches