Tales from a Catholic Store - The Saint in My Laundry Room

Friday, July 21, 2017 Comments (1)

As the mother of four, the one chore in our home that never seems to be done is the laundry. My laundry room always has clothes to be cleaned and I started calling it my office because I spend so much time in that room. I used to get very frustrated, especially when they were younger, at the amount of work and wonder what they possible could have done that made their socks so dirty. I believe that as their mother that this is one of the ways that I take care of them. But, I didn’t like the way it made me feel and I had to find a better way. And the “better way” came home with me and now hangs next to my washing machine, The Polish Madonna.

It is an image of Mary hanging laundry while the infant Jesus sits next to her in the dirt. In His hands, Jesus is holding His cross - so powerful. It makes me understand that a few dirty socks are nothing compared to what Mary endured as a mother.

We have many pieces of art in our home but the Polish Madonna is my favorite. We have a copy of The Polish Madonna in our store plus many other beautiful pieces for your home. Look through our web site and post what is your favorite.

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Tales from a Catholic Store: It's A Day For Fathers

Thursday, June 15, 2017 Comments (0)

There is a customer that comes in often and I have known for some time because he also attends my parish. And for quite a while I called him by the wrong name. I thought his name was the same as my dad’s, so that is what I called him. And then one day he corrected me. You see, this customer reminds me a lot of my dad, always smiling, quick with a joke, and a devoted Catholic. He said I could keep calling him by my dad’s name.

A father’s faith is so important to the spiritual life of the family. I am very grateful for all that my father has taught me, especially my Catholic faith.

June 18th is Father’s Day and maybe this year find a gift for your dad that is spiritually meaningful. We have many things here we know your father will love and that tells him why you are grateful for him.

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Saints Honored in May 2017

Thursday, May 11, 2017 Comments (0)

St. Joseph the Worker and Holy Family

May sees us from the third week of Easter through the beginning of the seventh week of Easter, and during that time, we honor a number of Saints and, of course, Our Lady of Fatima.

At Queen of Peace Catholic Store, we have jewelry, art, gifts and books to help you remember the teachings and sacrifices of the saints and how they help us learn about God.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - It's Always God's Time

Friday, March 24, 2017 Comments (0)

The calendar is showing that it’s springtime now, but here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest it feels like the winter that won’t end. We’ve had more snow and rain than usual and the sun is only making an occasional appearance. And even as I write, we can hear the rain pounding on the roof of the bookstore. But the signs are everywhere that it is indeed Spring. The daffodils are up and pink Cherry blossoms can be seen. It’s a good reminder that there is a time for all things and the timing is always God’s time. We are ready for the nicer weather but we are waiting. During this sacred Lenten season we can’t rush through to Easter. God calls us to His time and to give Him our focus. Let Queen of Peace Bookstore be a resource for you, we are here to help. We have wonderful books available to help you deepen your faith. And after Easter come back and visit. We also change with the season and one of my favorite times in the bookstore, First Communion and Confirmation. See you soon.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - Bring on the New Year

Thursday, January 19, 2017 Comments (285)

Like every New Year, it’s an opportunity. It’s a marking of time, a year older and hopefully wiser. And we pray that it is a year to become ever closer to our Lord God. Our bookstore is dedicated to Our Lady, Queen of Peace and each day we ask for her prayers to our Lord to bless the store and for all of those who we serve. We are very thankful to all those who shopped with us last year, your support over the year was appreciated.

2017 is here and it is a good time in the Bookstore. We survived the snow storm, Christmas inventory is getting put away and we are getting ready for sacraments. First Holy Communion and Confirmation items are on the shelf and new items and books are arriving every day. Ash Wednesday is on March 1st and we will have many resources to help you in prayer during the Lenten Season.

If you make a visit Portland this year, stop in and say hello. And to our regular customers…we’ll see you soon.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - Great Gift Ideas for Under $25

Friday, December 16, 2016 Comments (0)

The time is almost here. Hopefully you will soon be enjoying time with your family this Christmas. All of us here at Queen of Peace Bookstore want to help you finish up the last of your gift giving with meaningful items that help focus our thoughts to our Savior. Here are a few of our favorites.


Louie the Lamb Lil' Prayer Buddy

Louis prays "The Our Father", "Hail Mary", and "Glory Be" with the press of his paw. This is a top selling item in our store.


The Untold Story of Mother Teresa

The Letters - The Untold Story of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was cannonized this past year and this movie would make the perfect gift for the whole family. Told through a series of personal letters, this powerful film is an unforgettable journey of faith, courage and compassion.


Gold Speckled Rosary

Rosary with Glass Beads

Our Lady of Fatima said "to pray the Rosary daily." I think that would be the perfect New Year's commitment for 2017.


Infinity Mantilla - Navy

Infinity Mantilla

Another very popular item in our store. A local woman here in Vancouver has been sewing these matilla for several years now. Don't see the color you are looking for? Contact us and we'll see if we can have one custom made for you.

Holy Family Holy Water Font

Holy Family Holy Water Font

7 inches, resin contructin, and beautifully painted. This Holy Water Font can be place in your home to be the visible reminder to bless yourself and pray each day.


All of us at Queen of Peace Bookstore pray that you and your family have a joyfilled and peaceful Christmas and Blessed 2017.


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Tales from a Catholic Store - It's Advent Season not Christmas Season

Friday, November 25, 2016 Comments (0)

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Christmas Spirit. Everyone wishing you Merry Christmas, Santa is everywhere, presents are purchased and the Christmas tree is decorated. Here in the bookstore we have all of the things you would find in many stores this time of year. Ornaments are on our tree, Christmas Cards are lined on the shelf, and Nativity figures are everywhere. But we also know that for us Catholics it’s not Christmas Season, that begins after December 25th. We are entering the Advent Season, a time of preparation. The word “advent” comes from Latin “adventus” meaning arrival. So beginning on November 27 we are preparing for the arrival, His Arrival. And it’s not something that happened a really long time ago, we prepare and celebrate every year. Because every we can bring the events of the past year into the season to learn something new. We can use this time to focus our minds and hearts to allowing Jesus to rest in our hearts just as He rested in the manger. And when joy is in your heart, you can’t help but share it with others. Using an Advent Wreath or Advent Calendar are ways to help count the days with your family. Light a candle each Sunday on a wreath or open a window on the calendar and read a verse from the bible.

So during this time of joyful preparation, all of us at Queen of Peace Bookstore pray that you are surrounded by the people you love and that the Joy of the Advent Season be with you all year.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - Rain Down Your Mercy

Thursday, October 13, 2016 Comments (0)

Fall is here and we are in the midst of the first big rain storm here in the northwest. They say we will have 5 to 6 inches over the next week. This is nothing new to those of us who live here, in fact, it is quite normal. I grew up in Southern California and when it rained we just didn’t go out. If I lived that way now, I would be stuck in my house till next year. The rain washes away the dust and dirt and makes it beautifully green here in Vancouver Washington.

Christ’s Mercy feels that way also. It washes over us, cleanses every heart. From the Divine Mercy prayer at 3:00 we pray, “You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth for souls and the ocean of mercy opened up for the whole world.” (Diary, 1319).

The Message of Divine Mercy is that God is merciful. He is love itself poured out for us, and He wants no one to escape that love. Turning to God and imploring His mercy is the answer to the troubled world.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - Back to School

Monday, September 12, 2016 Comments (0)

Our house was busy this month getting everyone ready for the next school year. We cover the range with one in elementary school, one in middle school, a high school freshman, and now a college freshman. I spend a lot of time making sure they have all they need…plenty of pens and pencils, paper and notebooks, and sturdy backpack. A whispered prayer to St. Michael to keep them safe, they all run out the door. And I wonder have I given them everything they will need to make them ready for what they will encounter. Every parent worries about their children, the world is huge and there are many things to distract them.

The most important “teacher” in their lives is us, their parents. Do we model for them a Christian attitude that will help them learn and defend their faith? Several year ago those attending World Youth Day received a copy of the Youcat, the Catholic Catechism written for young people. Fireside Publishing and St. Mary’s Press both have Catholic Youth Bibles. But learning is a lifelong process especially when it comes to our Catholic faith. We are never really out of school. Our Catholic Bookstore here in Vancouver WA is here to help you pursue The Faith and pass that faith on to all children.

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Tales from a Catholic Store - Icon, Written or Painted?

Friday, August 12, 2016 Comments (2)

I prepared an order shipment today that contained an icon of Christ the Teacher and Mother of God, Loving Kindness. We have many on our website and more in the store. My favorite is Perpetual Help.

In preparing to write this I was researching icons from Orthodox tradition and read that many people refer to the creation of the icon as being “written” and not painted. How interesting. The translations from the Greek and Russian languages mean “written”. And that the image of the Icon is based upon the gospel. Since the gospel is written, so is the icon.

Then I read further. If based on the Russian language the word for painted and written is the same word and translated depending on the context which it was used. From Greek the word is eikonographia. The suffix graphi means depiction, as well as writing. Translation depends on how it is used. Example, the word geography doesn’t mean “earth writing”. Some scholars argue that the idea of an icon is being “written” is just poor translation.

To the Iconographer, the creation of the icon is a spiritual practice that requires gospel reading , contemplation and prayer.

I believe icons focus our mind to something greater than ourselves. And the beauty of the symbolism makes the icon all the more meaningful. Whether it was written or painted our benefit is viewing art that is both magnificent and sacred.

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