God Is Love Deus Caritas Est

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Encyclical Letter of Benedict XVI on Christian Love


Author: Pope Benedict XVI 

Pope Benedict's first encyclical seeks to show the place of love in the life of the Church. Pope Benedict XVI helps to clarify the meaning of love. He examines the nature of various kinds of love – human love and divine love, eros, friendship, and charity. He writes beautifully and inspirationally that we were made for love by the God who is love, the God who became one of us out of love, Jesus Christ. Benedict insists that we must take up the word love, which has been so abused, and purify it, showing how faith in this love might transforms us.

In the second part, Benedict links the Church's charitable work with the love of the Trinitarian God, stating that the charitable activity of the Church and her works of justice express love. An excellent reflection for both religious and civic leaders, those involved in ministry and those preparing for marriage.

Paperback, 2006, 59 Pages, 5 x 7.25 inches