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4 Way Medal Cross


4 Way Medal Flower


4 Way Medal Rays


4 Way Medal, Even


5 Way Medal Sacred Heart

Boxed with chain

5 Way Medal, Dove

Genuine Pewter

5 Way Medal, Dove With Rays

Boxed with chain

5-Way Medal, Dove, Enamel, Small

Sterling Silver, 24 Inch Chain

5-way Medal, Holy Spirit, Enamel

Sterling Silver, Red Enamel Center

Green Stretch Bracelet

Inspiration of Faith

Little Angel Heart Necklace with Cross

Multi-Colored Pearlized

Little Angel Heart Necklace with Medal

Multi-Colored Pearlized

Miraculous Medal Banner

"Under the Banner of Mary Our Mother"

Miraculous Medal Crystal Blue

Round Crystal Border

Miraculous Medal Curve

8 Curved Accents on Border

Miraculous Medal Enamel Aqua

Filled Blue-green Enamel