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A Priest Forever (One left)

Nine Signs of Renewal and Hope

Avignon Chasuble

Available in 4 colors

Avignon Chasuble Specialty Set

3 piece set: Rose, Black, Ivory/Blue

Called By Name (One Left)

The Inspiring Stories of 12 Men Who Became Catholic Priests

Chi Rho Chasuble

Available in 4 colors, Size 59 " x 51" L

Concelebration Alb

Easy Care

Cowl Neck Chasuble

Polyester/Linen/Cotton/Rayon Blend, 59" x 51"L

Decree On Priestly Training Optatam Totius

Proclaimed by Pope Paul VI 1965

Divine Mercy Chasuble

Crafted from beautifully woven shantung fabric, 59"W x 51" L

Embroidered Chasuble

Fully Embroidered Front and Back 49 1/2" Long

Eucharistic Chasuble


Eucharistic Jacquard Cowl Neck Chasuble

Chi Rho with Grapes and Wheat design, 59" x 51"

Eucharistic Jacquard Dalmatic

Chi Rho with Grapes and Wheat design 59" W X 48" L

Everyday Chasuble

High Value 47" L

Everyday Jacquard Chasuble

Rich fabric, 59" x 49" L

Front Wrap Alb - White

R.J. Toomey™

Heroism and Genius (One Left)

How Catholic Priests Helped Build—and Can Help Rebuild—Western Civilization