Encounter the Saints Series

Saint Ignatius of Loyola For the Greater Glory of God

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Encounter the Saints Series #8


Author: Donna Giaimo, FSP and Patricia Edward Jablonski, FSP

This saint was born in 1491 to a Spanish noble family. He was wounded in battle from a cannon ball that forced him to spend months in bed at Loyola Castle. Ignatius asked for some books to read. Only biographies of Jesus and the saints were available. Gradually, the books began to make an impression on him. In the hopes of becoming a priest, Ignatius began his education. He professed religious vows in 1534 and was ordained in 1539. A group of 6 of his classmates promised to work for God in whatever way the Holy Father thought best. In 1540, their order was officially recognized by the pope. Before Ignatius died, there were 1,000 members of the Society of Jesus or "Jesuits." St. Ignatius died in Rome, on July 31, 1556. Pope Gregory XV proclaimed him a saint in 1622. The fascinating story of Ignatius of Loyola is full of excitement, adventures and challenges both before his conversion and after. Children who read this saint's story will love the adventure while also learning the secret of his strength and happiness. Ignatius surrendered all he had to God and asked in return only God's love and grace, a central secret to authentic spirituality.

Ages 8 – 12, Paperback, 2001, 105 Pages, 4.5x7 inches