Stations of the Cross for Children

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Walking With Jesus


Author: Julianne M. Will, Illustrator: Patricia Mattozzi

Follow Jesus through fourteen stations - fourteen moments - on his journey with the cross. Rejoice as he returns to his Father in heaven and redeems us from our sins. Recognize his great love for us in his willingness to suffer and die.

This beautiful, ancient devotion guides children to ask for God's strength and forgiveness, to praise and thank Jesus for giving his life for us, and, ultimately, to find great hope. Jesus, who was crudified and died, overcame death and is here with us now.

As children walk with him in Stations of the Cross for Children, they begin to see how he walks with them at home and at school, every day.

2005, paperback, 6.3 x 0.1 x 8.8 inches, 32 pages, 6-12 years old