Theosis Tier Membership



Theosis Tier: 15% Off All Merchandise.  Plus, a free book every month.  $30 per month
You're a true-blue reading maniac. You want to educate yourself, and you want the best books to do it too! This membership doesn't stop at giving you great privileges, you actually get a book, delivered right to your door every single month. Because you've earned it. You're making all our work possible. Not only do you get access to chatroom features (Kevin, we will have to discuss this feature later), you actually get the book that we are chatting about! Do you already own the book, no problem, just let us know and we will give you a voucher so that you can still get a book from our website or store. But don't send your book back to us, you can feel free to give it to someone else to encourage another passionate reading enthusiast in the making!
With this tier, you can schedule a time once a month for a question-and-answer session about the book of the month, which session can be made open to all members, but you get to be the one scheduling it. You'll also get to help us shape the future by making suggestions about what our next book clubs and classes will be!