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Turning to God in Tough Times

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Prayers to Comfort the Heart & Sustain the Spirit


By: Joan Guntzelman

When we are going through tough times, we need to turn to the light of God's love, but we often find it difficult to do so. This book will help readers move toward God and away from hopelessness and despair. Guntzelman offers us new ways of looking at our situation as well as reminders to trust in the Lord and his plan for our lives. 

Each of the one hundred reflections in this book begins with a Scripture verse, followed by a short reflection and prayer. As we open our hearts and minds to God in this way, he will comfort and sustain us through the hard times in our lives.

  • Short reflections are perfect for busy people or for those who find it difficult to pray for long periods of time.
  • Makes a thoughtful gift.