Wall and Standing Crucifixes

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Cipolletti Crucifix - 8 in.

Walnut and Silver

Hand Carved Linden Wood Small Wedding Crucifix - 15 in.

Height: 15 inches Wood: Linden & Oak Hand Carved in Slovakia

Holy Mass Wedding Crucifix 8in.

Metal and Epoxy Wall Crucifix

Large Chapel Crucifix - 42 in.

Corpus: Linden Wood | Cross: Solid Oak

Mahogany Crucifix


Mahogany Crucifix - 24 in.

Mahogany Crucifix, beveled.

Passion of Christ Crucifix - 10 in.

Walnut and Pewter

San Damiano Wall Crucifix - 10 in.

From the popular Joseph's Studio Renaissance Collection A beautiful and colorful cross inspired by the cross in Assisi, Italy
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